Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the spanish!

after years of talking about it (okay, a few months) i started taking a spanish class last night. i am quite excited. it's about time i learned the language that 80% of my friends' families speak, right? my teacher suggested watching telenovelas to get our ears used to it. uh, maybe no. but i'm hoping all the latin and french that i've forgotten will come in handy.

i just hope that my russian doesn't suffer.

after spanish, i need to retrieve the hebrew from the recesses of my brain. then... um, sindarin maybe? or high valyrian?

Friday, February 16, 2007


you need to know this. if you want to buy good hummus or babaganoush, and you live in Philly, of course you should make the pilgrimage to Bitar's.

but thanks to Jamie i have just learned that there is another option, when you must have hummus now and don't want to drag yourself to a Bitar's through the ice and snow... or if you have the terrible misfortune of living somewhere far away from Philadelphia. that alternative is Sabra. oh, sublime joy!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

snow day

yeehee! as you may know, the philly area got some snow yesterday. in the northeastern US, unlike in, say, belarus, people prefer to drive on roads that are snow- and ice-free.

anyway, i did go to work... and even put in a long day. i was the only person there for several hours and most of the staff didn't make it in at all. the bosses have declared it a Snow Day, so i get to add a day to my vacation time stash. groovy.

i know that's a terribly mundane post, but if i don't post about mundane things, it seems i will never post at all. apparently i'm too private to post about things that are actually, um, interesting.