Saturday, April 30, 2005

dvd+/-rw... go me

i just installed an internal DVD±RW drive (i paid way less than listed on that link, btw), into my laptop. see, a few months back i, uh, dropped my laptop. on the hardwood floor in my apartment. one of the many reasons alanna needs a toughbook. anyway, the drop totally busted the dvd/cd-rw drive that i got with the laptop, so for a long time i was using my external DVD burner as my sole optical drive. but no more! and i'm proud of myself for taking apart the casing, getting the new drive into it, and then getting it all working with my laptop. of course, my monitor is still held on by string (uh, the screws that held it on kinda got their heads taken off in the fall)... but i'll tackle that another time. anyone want to buy an (external for laptop, internal for desktop) DVD-RW drive off me for say $50?

Friday, April 29, 2005

ah shabbat.

so maybe i will update more. maybe not. soon it will be shabbat. for dinner this evening: LUSCIOUS marinated mozarella balls from the narberth farmer's market (so expensive! so wonderful!) and a glass of israeli (k for passover) shiraz, which has improved since we opened it for sunday's seder. hardly a balanced meal. i haven't been eating much carbs this week, because i hate matzah, and couscous or rice noodles every night gets a little old. since i hardly ever actually eat normal bread, the hardest thing that i've really had to give up is kefir, because it has the little yeasties in it. smoothies made with normal yoghurt just aren't the same! ANYWAY, it's shabbat, which means for me: crashing in my apartment, turning off my brain, and probably watching old x-files episodes. tomorrow is the CBY COCA seder, which means another "working sabbath." my life tends toward the oxymoronic.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the first electronic music

the RCA synthesizer was this electronic-music behemoth from 50 years ago that was supposed to churn out lounge music. it didn't, but it did inspire some of the first real electronic musicians. sweet. and i'm looking forward to late May, when the MOOG documentary is released on DVD...

Friday, April 08, 2005

ooh, philadelphia

okay, in september 2006 i am moving back into the city for $20/mo wireless broadband, yo! maybe. hmm, but i like narberth. plus i don't like the philly wage tax...