Tuesday, January 25, 2005

no room at the cowshed

the latest on new life church in minsk, which first was booted from public meeting halls, then fined for meeting in a cowshed that the members all chipped in to buy, and now is threatened with final closure under belarusian laws (laws which, incidentally, are in violation of international law).

the spies and the revolution, part 2

keeping control over the belarusian KGB -- perhaps he was afraid of this happening?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the JAMM center

I just spotted this article regarding the "JAMM" center in downtown Jerusalem. I have friends who work with the JAMM... Jewish and non-Jewish friends, aliyot and sabras... Richard Ayal Freiden, who runs the JAMM and TVY2 (a TV show that has gained significant popularity among israeli youth), has frequent reports of discrimination and persecution against their work in Israel. Below is an excerpt from the letter he sent to Arutz-7 in response to the above article:
We do not hide anything from anybody - Israel is a growing democracy and thank G-d, we are free to share our faith to those 18 and older. We believe in freedom of expression and thus we allow all musicians to perform in the JAMM. If a student asks us about our faith, then as long as they are 18+ we will share our faith without compromise or fear from those that have tried to harm us in the past (Yad L'Achim and others like them). It is disheartening to know certain Rabbis or teachers etc. have issued a warning against us at the JAMM. What do you have to fear? Are you afraid of Yeshua? Are you afraid of us? We are just people who simply love G-d via our faith in our Jewish Messiah Yeshua. The Seminary students have enjoyed being at the JAMM and unfortunately you forbid them to come?
If you're interested you can read Richard's full response.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

the spies and the revolution

this article by the New York Times (here reproduced on the Charter 97 Belarusian news site, so you don't have to login to the Times) was quite interesting, about how top officials in the ukrainian spy agency actually chose not to thwart the oppositions on the streets of kiev, and in fact helped it along. this probably not only averted bloody riots, but also gave key opposition leaders information that helped their cause. excerpt:
The officers funneled information to Mr. Kuchma`s rivals, provided security to opposition figures and demonstrations, sent choreographed public signals about their unwillingness to follow the administration`s path and engaged in a psychological tug-of-war with state officials to soften responses against the protests. Ultimately, the intelligence agencies worked - usually in secret, sometimes in public, at times illegally - to block the fraudulent ascension of Mr. Yanukovich, whom several of the generals loathe. Directly and indirectly, their work supported Viktor A. Yushchenko...
there was also surveillance of government officials rigging the intitial election that went in favor of yanukovich... which of course partially got out. another quote: " 'Today we can save our faces or our epaulettes, or we can try to save our country,' General Romanchenko and General. Sarnatskyi said they remembered the spy chief saying."

Friday, January 14, 2005

te waewae bay

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i'm trying the flickr photoblog feature out on this blog for layout purposes. this is my favorite photo from new zealand.

slashdotting the CIA

edit: the link below is now working again... albeit very slowly. this CIA report on their projections for the world in 2020 is probably very interesting. unfortunately for the CIA, the cia.gov site has been slashdotted! hopefully it will come back up soon because i would like to see what the CIA has to say about the rise in asia's economic and political strength...

first post

i just set this up. first post. i'm not sure what this will be for yet but i suppose it will be for something... eventually