Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the toothbrushing incident

have you ever tried to brush your teeth while laughing hysterically? it's not easy.

this morning i was brushing my teeth, as i often do, and my toothbrush hit a particularly sensitive area in the back of my gums [i have already determined that i am a very sensitive and radicular person; the other night someone was trying to massage a knot out of my back and i felt it in my ear] and it made me gag. it also tickled and made me laugh.

the resulting sound was something like what i imagine a cow would sound like if it was surprised and angry. it also sounded a lot like jon stewart's impression of dick cheney, which i don't feel like finding online right now, but if you've heard it, you will certainly know what i mean.

i was so shocked and amused by the sound that i couldn't stop replaying it in my head, which meant i couldn't stop laughing, which made the rest of the toothbrushing experience quite a challenge. it's always good to laugh yourself to tears in the morning, i say.


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