Thursday, March 08, 2007


to all my fellow women-folk out there: happy international women's day!

my lack of posts is due to being quite busy. here is a quick update:

spanish: is going well, though i am quite unimpressed by the teacher. if you don't already know certain concepts about languages (such as gender agreement, conjugation, &c.) she's not very good at conveying them. plus she speaks incredibly quietly. i'm seriously considering teaching a beginner's russian course with the same program, because i could do at least a better job than her. however, i'm attacking the spanish with all the vigor i have time for, so i'm starting to absorb some of the language.

writing: haven't had time for this at all. sorry. largely because of....

music: root signals is back in action and recording, after a hiatus of several weeks. we're updating some already-recorded tracks (nothing is ever really finished) and recording brand new stuff. last night we had a sweet little bass recording session for a smoky jazz number (crooned by our own j. shafty). it's beautiful to hear the input of several people come together so sweetly. i am seriously excited about this project. we'll soon post some fresh musical scents for our myspace bouquet.

oh, and i'm learning to drive. again. finally. i'm ambitious and even have a plan to be be-carred come summertime or so!


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