to write is to breathe,
so let me breathe you. love is
the language of love


Devotion is a prosepoem to the love of my life. For several months in 1996, i wrote a brief letter each day to my God, sometimes rejoicing, sometimes desperately searching... always in awe of his grace and goodness toward me. Devotion consists of 22 selections from those letters.

I didn't have hypertext (or even publication) on my mind when i wrote devotion, but hypertext is the perfect medium for this piece. Find your way into the heart of devotion quietly, gradually... once you enter, a new page will automatically load every few seconds, with a brief sample from an one of the 22 instalments. If a sample interests you, you can access the full instalment by clicking on its number at the bottom... and if you don't get to read all of a sample, don't worry; it will come back around.

If you don't want to drift for a few minutes before choosing an instalment, you can choose one from the menu below... But if this is your first time, i highly recommend the drifting approach.


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