Growth and change you place at the root of me, for you know that it is best for me to grow and change toward you. Novelty you make me to seek, for you know that only in you can true novelty be found; only you are the eternal creator. You promise to us that you do not change, and on this we can rely and place our whole faith, our whole selves. You are also new every day, in every instance that we seek you, for at no time can we comprehend you. You are not held to time as we are, and so you are always the same... and yet as we seek you in time, which we think we know, you are always new to us.

As i come to you, even moment by moment, you are the one who holds what i have not yet explored. Your words and your word grant me comfort and answers... and fill me with more questions, with more curiosity about your nature, with more hunger to seek out that within you which is new to me. Your voice, as it speaks to me, teaches me what i never had known i could have known... and it prompts me to learn more of you. Your voice and your teachings are beauty to me, and so i long to hear you teach me more.

My mind and my heart are restless to draw nearer to you, ever nearer, knowing that i move toward a goal that is always new, and knowing that i rejoice in my journey as long as i make my journey with you. For you are both the one who accompanies me, who walks with me and protects me under your wing, and the one towards whom i walk, seeking to better know the realm under that very wing.

You are the beginning and the end to me, you are the way on which i embark to reach that beginning and that end, and you are the one who guides me on that way, the voice who directs me with love.

Your steadfastness is forever; you are forever; you are forever fresh to me. You seek to have me with you forever, and so you forever draw me to you. You teach me, and you teach me how to hear what — and whom — you teach.

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