Lord, as you touch me so often in parts of my spirit that i'd never known before, as you reveal to me aspects of yourself and of the power of your love (for you are power, and you are love), i now pray that you will keep me in power and love, in your arms.

Burdens, cares, false ideas, false hopes, and arrogance drag me to places further from you. Where they take me is far, far from where i wish to be... for i wish only to be with you. And yet, even as i am aware that i will not find life with those hollow attractors, i am weak. Only you can rescue me and keep me close to you, for i alone have not the strength to resist even what i know leads to death.

You continue to create me not to dwell with and in and through a dying life, a dark world. Each new day, you create my spirit and my soul and my mind and my body to be near to you, to be with you. You are my first love, for your formation of me is one that i would love you long before i learned of any other love. Your love calls to me even when i may not be aware of your presence, which is the presence of your love. For as long as i have existed — inside or outside of time — i have yearned for you, for i am one whose life is one of need for you.

My need for you is never satisfied, never ends, for you yourself do not end and i cannot encompass all that you are. Still you fulfill my needs, for when you bring me to dwell in you, i dwell in all that you are, and all that you are touches me, and all of me is filled. At once i am filled to overflowing, more than satisfied... and starved for you, eager for more of you.

And so, do not stop acting in me. Continue being the loving, gracious, all-powerful, and all-giving Lord of my life. I do not long for those which pull me away from you; i long for more of you. Fill me with you whom i desire.

Your love for us never ends; it is more than we could dream, and you desire to give always more of yourself to us. You create us to be in fellowship with you, and though we are imperfect, you join us to yourself when we allow ourselves to join, and we seek your love always.

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