You have spoken to many, in ways which we do not always know or understand. Some who have not yet met you have only seen your shadow, wishing already for the fullness of you and of the joy in your presence instead of your hints of yourself and of your voice.

Introduce to them the one whom they seek! For all of us, when we are without you, desire to find you again. There are times that we yearn for you and are ignorant of this yearning, attempting to replace you with some other god of less power, of less beauty, which controls only through our own emptiness.

But, in truth, it is you we all seek. We try to run from this fact again and again -- many of us spend our lives fleeing this simple knowledge — but you have made us dependent on you, and so we are hungry to know you. Even as we are so often lost, you have promised us that if we truly seek you, and choose not to flee you, you will stretch out your hand to gather us to yourself, even if we have been scattered unbearably far from you.

You stir hunger now. You work within us, near and far from you, and call us, though we may not hear or do not understand what we hear. You call to each of us in your planned time, and if we turn our ear to you, we can hear your voice of richness and fullness of joy, beckoning us, guiding us toward yourself. In your love — as you are love -- gently turn the ears and the faces of those you call to you. When you know that i should know, you show me the hunger of those who are without you, and you give me a taste of your love for these ones, so now i ask that you would bring these into unity with yourself. Let us all experience the joy that can only be found in you. Fill each of us up with yourself, eternal one, so that we may love you more than we ever thought we could love.

You are love, and you love us whom you have made, wherever we are, near or far. You desire us, though you are so far more than all that we are — and even all that we will become through you — and so you attract us to your love, yourself. Your voice is kind and full of love, and in your voice is power to reach even those who seek you in the farthest places.

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