In your mercy as i touch you more often and touch your refreshing, you teach me of yourself. My touching you is your touching me, you touch and teach, you reveal to me more of yourself as i give you more of myself.

Even as i write to you of some of what you do and some of what you are, you speak to me, for my voice belongs to you as i belong to you. Even as this voice i use is my own, i realise that it is also your voice through me, for before i speak such knowledge of you is not within me. Knowledge is yours, and as i write you impart this knowledge to me.

You are the creator of what i see before me. You grant what i ask, even that i may become a window, in ways that i cannot imagine before you act: for make me a window even for myself. You show me that i need to see you more, and as i request that you would through me show others some of yourself, you choose to do what amazes me all the more: you through me show me some of yourself. I speak to you of you, and you speak to me through me.

And so i come to you in joy, with wonder at what you reveal to me, and so even as it appears to my eyes that i only write, you show our conversation to my inward sight. You have granted that i may converse with you, who are all...

Still you grant also the request that i have known: that others may hear your voice through me. You prompt me to tell those around me of your goodness, but you, as i speak to others, still speak to me. And so i seek to speak of you more, for when i speak of you i also seek you.

You are abundantly giving, you grant those who serve you more than they could guess. You create all that we speak when we are in you, and you go in front of us and behind us to guide us and to move through us, even to us.

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