You (i cannot fathom why, cannot fathom your mercy and your love for me) allow me to touch you. Just enough, as much as you deem right for me from day to day, and it is my hope that you will grant that i may touch you a little more tomorrow, that you will draw me a little closer and give me fuller contact with your presence, for your presence is joy and life to me. You have allowed me to touch you, and could i touch eternity without losing the compartments and assignments in which i tend to dwell? Can i touch you without surrendering my self? What is myself to you who are all, when myself am but i tiny shell by your neverending ocean?

But there is life within the my shellself, the life that is the child you created, the child whom you love, and you love your child's life. You have freed me from my shell and i may now swim in you, full of you, with my fullness in you, and my life knowing an aspect of your life. As i float and flow within you i seek to encounter more aspects, more of you, in my thirst. And you allow me to touch, and you allow me to drink you as i move, to drink of that vast ocean. The water is sweet and i breathe you and love your bubbles in my lungs, coming up through all of me in joy. I love your gentle motion which rocks me and calms me and brings me, brings me peace. I love your flood which moves through me and moves me through you.

This passionate peace i cannot understand, but i know that it means freedom for me, i know that it means strength and joy. In you i only want to drink you, i only want to feel you increase within me and around me, so that i may have another fresh taste. I roll around in you and you are ever crossing new flavours of your beauty against my searching lips.

You are the vastness, you are fresh every day, new in every encounter, in every taste. You fill me with passion and hunger and you fulfil that hunger to create more, for you are inexhaustible and you love to impart yourself to those who seek you. You are life and you grant life to those who dwell in you.

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