I want to be drunk in you, drunk by you. All that i am and all that i become — you are the consuming fire — you consume and will consume, without destroying what you create. As i have asked you to dwell within me, and as you have come and more than filled me, i know that i cannot contain you. If eternity lives in me, what can be outside me? How can there be an outside? And yet you are next to me, within me, and eternal. You are through me, not only within me and not only without me, for you are not only anything; to you barriers are not barriers.

And so, i ask of you, unbarrier me, make me no longer divided and portioned, though i attempt to apportion myself in my desire to define myself. The only definition that i truly desire — though i am unable to carry it out as myself — this definition is in you. You, who are undefinable in any way in which i perceive definition. You, who are not portioned, though you are still in me... I can only glimpse you, and cannot understand, for to me to understand means to comprehend and you, infinite, are incomprehensible.

You have confounded my mind and i am grateful, for by my lack of understanding i acknowledge that you are far greater than i. And yet you live within me! Consume me with the fire that is you, always moving through me, yet always the same. Since you are in me and have no borders, i am in you, and your love always reminds me that i am being consumed. I ask you to do these things and at the same time i know that you do them — you already do them, you always do them, you do them.

Drink every drop of my being and my constant changes, even as you have granted that i may drink your own Spirit. Take me, all of me, for i am yours — when you enter into me i enter into you, and i am yours.

For you are complete, you are whole and yet do not stop, your capacity is without walls and you run through me and without me and within me in yourself.

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