You break my bands and free me from the constriction that is myself. You are not bound by flesh as i am, you are not imprisoned as we are within our minds, within our bodies, within our walls. Instead you are infinite and unfettered, and in your grace and peace you let us fly in freedom when we come to you.

We know that we hamper ourselves. Though we try to run from what we are, we know that we cannot. And, though we attempt to flee from the knowledge, we know that our limitations and resulting mistakes deserve punishment. When we deny you, we seek to punish ourselves, perhaps unwittingly, always unjustly, for we do not understand justice as you. Instead we injure ourselves and each other, compounding our mistakes, confusing our purposes, only harming all the more.

Adding, again and again, links to our chains. When we refuse in our pride and fear of truth — for we fear even recognising these chains as chains and we fear confessing that our mistakes are our own — to recognise your own simple, perfect, and awesome plan, we instead seek other means to find our own confused justice, and we crucify ourselves. All the while we wish that we could find release through death and we repeatedly destroy what we love, for we love life.

Life is in you. A killing and a death that was not an end wiped out death's power over us, and we can so easily be free of the bonds of death that we have wrought. But not if we do not look to you. Let our eyes turn to you and to your beautifully simple key, which unlocks our hearts, unlocks the hold of the heavy chains. This city is wrapped in chains — each building as if bound, each person dragging their cumbersome links with them — needing freedom and someone who will make the heavy iron crumble and release.

You, infinite in all directions so that, to you, direction has the kind of meaning that is incomprehensible to us. In all this, of all this and through all this is freedom, which you touch to our tongues to taste by bringing us away from constrictions and constructions of ourselves. For you are more than we are, and through all that we are when we find ourselves lost in you, as you have granted that your eternity is eternity for us.

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