Sleeping i am unable, only laughter, only laughter. Shiveringly happy, how did this happen? Walking on the sidewalk i am the epitome of the silly grin, the silly grin runs all through me at each step, i am a blissfully high college student on Washington Square. Coming to bed i am exhausted, weakened from the lack of sleep and rack of tears... my bed should welcome me, and i lay down, and i am jolted. That silly grin again. Laughing in bed with your electricity, watching quivering sheets and the landscape dancing for you, all for you... i watch the bedspread terrain and it stretches out and i am in your field, all joyous rumbles, and the trees are clapping

and i am beyond chance of sleep.

How did this happen? How did you get to be so... so you? You always. This writing is pagewild. The word all over the place. You always. To kiss you now to drink you the communion the ingestion to touch you that close to be inside and you inside you always

And tasting good, tasting and seeing good, you are so good, you are so you, you always. You running in me and there is no way to slow down or curb... To think i suspected that not everything is possible! Rolling your name in my tongue and teeth sweeter than wine, down into me and the burning is more, the kind kindling of the exhale a laugh through lungs and larynx You more and you look at me and you walk toward me and you always... So tiny me so lost in you, so drunk, thank you always
So taken

You take me and give me all. You sweet you luscious you laugh you flowing in me you waking me you ready you peace too good to be quiet you roll me in your tongue and teeth you to speak me spoken Arise you say Arise and so i do for you always
still move

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