For our hearts you have given us a wish to search the unsearchable. In us is planted the quest, though we so often know not that for which we are questing. We have our voids within us, and you give yourself to fill the void... but our hunger does not end there.

You give yourself and you are good, and our craving for you increases, and when we listen you tell us the word of a journey with you, neverending, always seeking more of you, and walking with your comforting hand in ours and ourselves in your hands.

When will i know you? Already i know you. When will i see you? Already i see you. When will i hear your voice? Already i hear your voice. And yet i do not understand... your time, you plan for me in your time, but your time is strange to me. Your time holds what is already — not that it was, but that it is — and it also holds all portions of my quest, all that for which i quest.

My need remains, and your answer — not the answer that lies to the other side of the question, but the answer that runs throughout the question — remains, to grant me my question, to grant me my need, and to grant me yourself.

I need to see your face; i need to dream in your colours. Consume me, O Lord, and confound me. Let me not be empty of all but let my be empty of myself, empty of distraction, so that i can be filled with you. Teach me to listen, to be quiet and ready before you, and to recognise your voice amidst all else when you speak to me. My needs are many, but you know my needs far better than i, and i have no need to be consumed by need. Rather let me be consumed by you, who reveal to me need but who also reveal to me your answer, even you. Let not my desire be my focus, and let not my desire be only for desire, but for you, and all for you, as all that i am is for you.

When i am open to you, you show to me your beauty, in some of its many aspects. I am not familiar with or accustomed to your colours, but they increase my thirst for you, for they are of you, and you are this loveliness that i see and seek. It is beyond all comprehension to me, that you are what you are, and that you reveal to me what you reveal.

Your wisdom is not like the wisdom which i can learn. You beauty is not like the beauty which i can grasp... and yet you offer yourself to me always, to fill me, and to fill me also with the capacity to be still more filled, for your love has no end.

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