To you i come with hands that are broken open. This mind of mine will not cease its raging by any power that i have, and so i belatedly approach you in hopes that you will show me peace again. The turning away and the returning to you is repeated as i seek to know you. All of me seeks. I cannot count how many forces have moved me to miss the mark of my search, for the mark of my search is not a thing which i can mark at all. Instead i must rest in the mark you have placed upon me, the mark of faith... and in the midst of faith there is my wonder, and those matters about which i wonder.

The inner workings of my sense and senses seek to acknowledge you, and to move to such a state of acknowledgement of you in all things that my acknowledgement becomes familiarity, and my familiarity becomes intimacy. You tell me of the intimacy that you seek, and in my spirit this intimacy is a strong reminder of you to me. In my thoughts i am far alienated from you. My thoughts are unsure, and desperate. In desperation i beg aid from you, and in desperation i remember how i forget you and my desire for you at so many other times.

The Question is deep in my mind. The Question is a quest, and i am before you requesting that i be granted softer skin to again feel the touches that guide me. These gifts from your fingers. I do not understand, and yet i desire; i do not discern, and yet i listen; i do not grasp, and yet i touch. Grant me through your grace and through your Spirit to actualise what you give for me to actualise, and to know what you give for me to know. Remind me, as you do know me and know yourself, of your mark upon me and of the faith that you place within me. In your love you continue to mark me for yourself and continue to impart yourself to me.

Whom i cannot comprehend or construct, evaluate or encompass, decide or diagram: you hold me in your fingers though i so often refuse to pay heed to the Spirit and voice within your touch. You who always keep your gaze upon me, though i try make my own life by turning my eyes away from you. You know me, know my questions, know my search, and yourself move in my search.

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