Again i smell the sweet scent of your oil upon me. I tell you that i am lost, i am confused, i do not know how to do what you would have me do... and yet i smell it. I tell you of the wrongs i have done and the wrongs done to me, which all play their roles in my weakness, and yet i smell it. I bring my hands close to my face and examine them, seeing all their faults and inabilities... and drawing them to my face only makes the smell stronger.

I falter, and i fall, but you are always here. As i am weak you show your strength to me and to others. As my love disappears your love rushes in and fills me, fills with more power than i could hope for alone. For you see me and all that i do to make you cease loving me... and yet you do not cease, you never cease. This, your love for me, is the same love with which you flood me for others, seeing all we all do and yet loving.

You are my strength, and as i am only weakened by the strife i see around me, toward me, and in me, i know that you are greater than this strife. Your forgiveness is stronger. Now please give me strength to forgive. Let me not be crippled, let me not freeze in fear and anger, but let me always see which is the wisest course to take in every situation, and let me — always only through you — be strong enough to confess and forgive.

Yours is strength, yours is wisdom, yours is confession, and yours is forgiveness. You are love, and you contain and create all these things which spring from love and are also love. You consume and create me, and you infuse me with love and with all aspects of love so that i can better serve you, and better love you. You give me the strength of love for all those i see, for you love all of us and you seek to erase and replace all of that which seeks to separate us from your love.

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