all of these papers were done for undergraduate studies at New York University and the Universeteit von Amsterdam, as i was working toward my degree in Media Analysis and Criticism. a caveat: as undergraduate work tends to be, these are surveys of the topics they discuss.

an aggregation of writings that i collected for a project at NYU a few years ago. it's a bit outdated but new sites still link to it. it makes a convenient introduction to writers and information on this subject, though there's no original material here.

i'd been in northern ireland just prior to studying in amsterdam, so it was much on my mind; this paper examines how the (largely american) film industry has portrayed the troubles in northern ireland.

artificial intelligence in film
i like movies. i like sci-fi. this paper is about the appearance of artificial intelligence in several movies, specifically asking how artifical intelligence is presented in terms of gender and language.

public service imperialism?
another paper i wrote in holland. public broadcasting is not the norm in the US, but it still is in much of europe. this paper is an examination of the tug-of-war between state broadcasting systems and separatist interests in regions like northern ireland and quebec.

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