These were taken on digital cameras I borrowed from Westerner friends while I was living in Belarus or visiting Ukraine... or they were taken by those same friends and I'm just putting the picture up to satisfy your curiosity.

Because they were taken on borrowed cameras, usually when I was travelling, Minsk itself (where I've lived) is grossly underrepresented here. I could show you photos of my friends here, but they are probably only interesting to me. I'm sorry, I'll try to scan some soon. Odessa is overrepresented because the wonderful Tyners let me loose with their camera a few times in that little city on the sea.

Figured I'd start with a lovely view of a typical public toilet in these parts.

© Patrick Tyner

And for some rest for your eyes, a pretty good-looking building in Kiev.

From my Holland photos you'd know I have a fascination for bridges. Here are two views of a bridge of a somewhat different kind, in a little courtyard in Odessa.

Each Odessa courtyard is unique, and made me think of Odessa as "The Wood Between the Worlds" of C. S. Lewis; each courtyard is a pool, an entry into another universe.

Many of the bus, tram and trolley drivers here decorate their driving compartments in special ways... everything from intricate designs made of beer-bottle price tags to pornography to little light-up electronic toys. And there are many, many ikons in the cockpits of these vehicles; sometimes you'll see them right next to porn. I didn't much want to photograph porn, though.

More of Odessa: the gorgeous Black Sea, the not-so-gorgeous port, and the industry that is ubiquitous in this part of the world (especially heavily in Minsk).

The Classifieds.

Ways of getting around in a remote Ukranian village.

© Patrick Tyner

© Patrick Tyner

A village kitchen, which come to think of it looks pretty similar to your average city kitchen in this part of the world.

© Patrick Tyner

And at least one shot of some of my friends, unloading a truck full of humanitarian aid on a typically snow-covered March day.

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