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keyblogger has many of my thoughts on recent events in Belarus.

of the Children's Surgical Center in Minsk,
or some general photos about life in the area.

Below are listed various writings, most recent at the top:

overwhelmed (in a good way!)
it's been a year since i've posted, but now i'm back and overwhelmed.

New Year
another new year in belarus.

i'm readjusting, but feel a bit like i never left.

i only had problems with this laptop when i managed to turn it on.

kisses and lights
can saying goodbye be light?

are you light?

i don't know yet what it is... but it's beautiful.

well, i left minsk again. and then came back home.

gleanings and news bits from my final weeks in ukraine and first week back in minsk.

this one sent from kiev, ukraine. i don't know what i'm doing. i'm just following.

fiascos and favour
this one was sent from odessa, ukraine. tripping up and being caught.

adventures in a border town, and some projected explorations for this summer.

dresses, dances, and exams
oh, it's that time of year...

dr. anna
you gotta meet her.

delight became delirium and then delight again.

balance and burdens
trying to find the bright spots in some difficult situations.

thoughts about settling in during my first couple of weeks here in minsk.

mostly first impressions that i put together a few days after my arrival.

here are a couple of things i wrote before coming here, about the process of preparing.

it started out as a big question mark and wound up as the closest thing i do to a theological essay.

captive thoughts
okay, maybe everything starts out as a question mark.

and some other information for the curious... links related to belarus.

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