I took these at the end of 2002 at the Children's Surgical Center in Minsk, Belarus. The organization I work with here helps this hospital extensively with humanitarian aid. I love this hospital, and pray that it will get more of the equipment, texts, and training it needs.

A nurse helps a baby breathe. She stands for extended periods of time holding this apparatus up to the young patient's face. By the way, you almost never see anyone wearing examination gloves here, except for during surgery... and even then surgical gloves are often not available and examination gloves must suffice!

A boy with the "Power Rangers" toys he just received in a gift box from England. Every few weeks, our youth group brings the hospital-bound kids these special gift boxes sent from abroad. The wall in this little boy's room (which he shared with several others) is peeling and even falling apart!

This little girl couldn't get up to play with the toys we brought her, so we placed some stuffed animals next to her.

Dr. Anna (on the left) and CW discuss the humanitarian aid needs of the hospital.

A young patient recovers from several invasive surgeries. Almost all of the equipment to which he is connected was donated to the hospital.

Dr. Vladimir Volkov, chief of the ICU at the Children's Surgical Center, discusses this patient with the attendees of our December Young Adults Ministry Trip.

Dr. Volkov examines some of the medical aid that our Ministry Trip attendees brought with them from the USA.

A premature baby in an ageing incubator.

AZ, in the green hat, and MW in the yellow-and black hat teach hospitalized kids a song about God's love. A few of our youth spent part of their New Year's Eve singing songs for kids, giving gifts to them, and (of course!) wearing silly hats.

A young patient joins in the song's hand motions.

A nurse brightens a hospital corridor with a sign that says, "Be healthy in 2003!" Although these doctors and nurses make some of the lowest wages in the country, I am always impressed by their concern for the kids. Nurses seek innovative ways to improve the quality of life of their patients. There's not much upward mobility in the medical community here as far as income goes, but doctors like Dr. Volkov or Dr. Anna are ambitious to bring more advanced methods and material to their hospital.

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