these are excerpts from journals i kept in various parts of the world. listed below by date, most recent at the top.

Torba Province, Vanuatu, September and October 2007
i blogged from vanuatu, but these are notes and photos specifically of the torba province, the most remote part of this south pacific paradise country.

new zealand - november 2003
everything was perfect. it was only two weeks, but it was like each minute and each raindrop was custom-made to give me the absolute best two weeks in new zealand i could have had.

belarus and ukraine photos - january 2001 to present
i was in belarus and ukraine, former soviet republics for a year and there's a whole section of keywriter devoted to that; this is just a link to some photos from there.

moscow and st. petersburg - january 1999
my NYU scholars' program enabled me to take international trips every year; this was my senior year trip. first experience with russian culture was a dance with delirium.

amsterdam photos - april-july, 1998
i lived in amsterdam for a few months, and actually spent too much time there to condense my writing into any real travel journal, so the photos (taken on an array of borrowed cameras) will have to suffice.

reconciliation in the uk and ireland - 1998
i happened to be in the uk, ireland, and northern ireland in the winter and spring of 1998, the time of the "Good Friday Agreement" i wrote this article on reconciliation from a spiritual, rather than political, perspective.

ireland - february and march 1998
for convenience, i broke these journals are arranged according to the ancient kingdoms of ireland: i only spent one evening in leinster (that's right, i never even went to dublin), so most of my journey was in munster, connaught, and ulster (ulster is mostly northern ireland).

devon, england - february 1998
this is the record of my time staying with one family in county devon in the southwest of england.

edinburgh and southern scotland - february 1998
in edinburgh i stayed with students, and i spent time elsewhere in the foothills.

greece - january 1998
just before leaving for the UK i went on an NYU trip to greece. it was my first, hopefully last, experience with a 1.5-week package tour. but it was still greece.

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