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Verification of the General Secretary

I hereby swear and verify that I was the Initial Secretary of the Municipal Siege Resistance Planning Committee, or MSRPC. I was chosen in the following manner: During the first MSRPC Meeting, each member was given a typewritten Instruction Sheet. One, randomly inserted into the collection of Sheets, was a special Sheet for the Secretary. The randomness of this choice demonstrated our common confidence in one another as well as an intellectual submission to the randomness of the universe, as we knew that each member would be equally capable of the discretion and responsibility involved in such a task.

We were all told to read our Instruction Sheets in private, in case we were chosen as the Secretary. My Instruction Sheet was destroyed along with the rest of the member's Sheets, but the first point on the Sheet told me to memorize my Instructions. As the agreed-on language was somewhat verbose, I will paraphrase my Sheet here:

1. Memorize the instructions on this Sheet and destroy it in tomorrow's Committee meeting. This Instruction has been given to each member.

2. None of your fellows are permitted to take any notes during any meetings, except for on common sheets of paper which you will later obtain. Therefore, do not take any notes during any meetings.

3. You do have Secretaries under you, a Secretary for each Commission. According to their Insruction Sheets, they will maintain the reports of their Commissions until they are reviewed by the Committee. Do not attempt any contact with your Undersecretaries. Once you have the Reports of their Commissions, you will primarily be concerned with proofing them, arranging them in a common format, and attaching them to your general MSRPC Report.

4. The papers written upon and edited by the Committee will leave the meeting room only via the vacuum tube network of the City University. Their destinations will be pre-programmed, by you. Therefore only you will have access to the documents.

5. Each member of the Committee will be required to bring a sheaf of papers into each meeting, according to their Instruction Sheets. Each member will place their sheaf face-down onto the central table, and the sheets will be shuffled so that your contribution -- the documents actually being discussed in the meeting -- will not be identifiable as your contribution.

6. In each initiation of a new member to the MSRPC, the membership will follow a procedure similar to that in #5, since each initiate is required to read all the documents generated by the first MSRPC.

7. Ensure that a random member of the Committee will have access to all MSRPC documents upon your demise. Your method must be of your own ingenuity, as it cannot be known by the members who are agreeing on the text of this Instruction Sheet.

I believe I have devised a good system for #7, which I deliberately do not describe here, in case one of my Inheritors attempts to repeat it and therefore is discovered. The reasons for entrusting the task of the General Secretaryship to only one person per "generation" are myriad, and, again, do not warrant discussion here.

Below is my signature. Below my signature, if I have already passed away, is or are the signatures of ensuing Secretaries, or as I have personally dubbed them, "Inheritor Secretaries." It is my hope that there will be many of them, showing that our plans for protecting our city from siege have succeeded for many eras to come.

[signature: Isaura Addison] Verification of the Inheritor General Secretaries of the MSRPC.

I hereby swear and verify that I was an Inheritor General Secretary. I received these documents for my safe-keeping after the death of the previous General Secretary, being chosen at random to keep these documents and convey their contents to certain individuals only upon their initiation to the MSRPC:

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