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Notes of the Special Self-Appointed Commission on Implementation

These notes have been written without Secretary's knowledge. Our Commission is composed of five colleagues, all members of the MSRPC. We are acting without the knowledge of the rest of the MSRPC, but we know that we are following the findings of the MSRPC in the most logical, safest way possible.

We agree with our colleagues in the MSRPC that it would be dangerous if these reports found their way into the hands of the enemies of our city. Fortunately, we (who consider ourselves the staunchest friends of the city) were the ones who found them. We trust that Isaura will be more careful in the future. Our thievery has probably helped her along in that.

The five of us have some military espionage experience, which is of course why were able to obtain our own copy of the Report: We in fact were the primary thinkers behind the secrecy of the MSRPC, and therefore had a pretty easy time of decoding our own methods (Ivory tower life and mathematical faith in probabilities can easily lead one to believe that such "secret" procedures as shuffling papers will be effective, apparently.)

It was disturbingly easy to get the Reports that we did get... But the others proved impossible to find. We give ourselves credit for the latter, but some systems are only as good as the sleight-of-hand of those who execute it. Ms. Addison studies politics but is not herself a politician, so she was not gifted in the area of sleight-of-hand.

We are sure that she misses the carbon copies that we have here (we did not have time to make carbons of our own), but she cannot reveal that she is missing the documents without revealing her own identity... Along with a fact that is highly embarassing to her personally! We implementers would find our (the MSRPC's) lack of foresight in this amusing if it were not so alarming.

Our backgrounds, participation in several aspects of the MSRPC, and knowledge of the structure and politics of our city have led us all to come to the same conclusion: None of the various plans that our intellectual friends have devised will work unless the people of the city feel that they are under some immediate threat.

We therefore have decided to use our connections abroad to orchestrate a small siege of our city within the next five years. The city is sure to win the siege, most likely thanks to our help (we get the added benefit of being heroes), but the victory must be hard-won. The hysteria that is sure to follow can be used for such extreme measures as we honestly believe are necessary. The entire fabric of the city's physical and cultural life will have to change. Some nostalgists railed against this during MSRPC debates, but it was clear that the military experts should be trusted above others when it comes to something like planning for a siege.

Not only will the interior life of the city change, but the area around the city is affected as well. The attached Report touches on this. The exterior must be sacrificed for the strengthening interior. We trust that our MSRPC colleagues will do plenty to get this rolling once we bring on a minor siege.

We are not used to signing such things, and, regardless of that, signatures are no more use than our collective word.

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