Letter of Presentation and Procedure for the Creation of the General Report, with its Accompanying Commission Reports.

The following is the General Report of the Municipal Siege Resistance Planning Committee, the MSRPC, with several supporting special reports.

It should be made clear that this is not a government effort nor is it related to the government of our city in any way, except that we called upon certain officials (according to the Freedom of Municipal Documents Act) to provide us with reports on certain matters, without clarifying to them the true purpose of our inquiries. Some government officials were members of the MSRPC, but strictly as private individuals.

The reports generated within are the work of the MSRPC and its Commissions, which consists of much of the city's intelligentsia, and the aforesaid unnamed government officials.

The Question we presented to ourselves was the following:
How best could our city withstand a full siege for an indefinite period of time?

Our methods were simple. We first gathered as a Committee for a five-day conference. For the first two days, each member of the Committee presented a paper which summarised their purposes for joining the Committee and the ways in which they believed their field and expertise could help in answering the above Question. For the following three days, we broadly discussed the problems of siege and strategies for overcoming these problems. After determining the Five Fundamental Problems of siege, we developed five commissions, each to address one of these problems.

Each commission was composed of local experts in the related fields, and one appointed historical expert. Each commission studied the global body of knowledge on their topics, local reports regarding the particular make-up and history of our precious city, and of course their own richness of experience in their fields. Each commission was instructed to address not only the problem that would be most obviously connected to their area of expertise, but to closely review the other areas from their unique point of view as well.

These committees were:

WPC - Water Provision Commission

CAP - Commission for Agricultural Protection
CMRD - Committee to Maintain Refuse Disposal
SSOC - Special Social Orchestration Commission
FEC - Fortification Engineering Commission

Enclosed our readers will find the following:
The Final Report of the MSRPC
The Final Report of the CAP
The Final Report of the WPC
The Final Report of the CMRD
The Final Report of the SSOC
The Final Report of the FEC
*Verification of the General Secretary

The MSRPC does not have a chairperson; rather, it has one General Secretary who has been entrusted to proof all reports and develop the ensuing MSRPC Report and Manifesto from the discussion and reports of her colleagues. This Report and Manifesto was submitted in its various drafts to the entire membership of the MSRPC and the enclosed are the final, approved drafts of all the documents listed above.

The General Secretary has been instructed and entrusted to sequester these documents in a place of which only he or she is aware. The full membership of the Committee has been instructed and entrusted to do all that is within their power to bring about the changes to the city that are listed below, without revealing the existence of the Committee or these documents. A limited number of people in subsequent generations -- we think of them as the inheritors of the MSRPC -- will be permitted to read it.

The reason for our extreme secrecy is not because of lack of respect for our fellow citizens. On the contrary, it is out of concern for their safety that we seek to ensure that none of these documents will, under any circumstances, be obtained by individuals from outside of our city. We are unanimously agreed that it is in the best interests of municipal security that we do not make these documents public.

Toward that end, there has been only one copy of each draft of each document. Each Commission Report draft has been reviewed by all the members of the Commissions in one closed session. Similarly, each MSRPC Report and Manifesto drafts has been reviewed by all of the MSRPC membership in and the MSRPC in one closed session. This serves to keep the documents from escaping the hands of the MSRPC. Upon revision to a new draft, each draft has been carefully destroyed by the General Secretary. The General Secretary him- or herself has been chosen entirely in secret and entirely at random. A first-person Verification of this process, written by the General Secretary, is enclosed. It is starred in the list above because, if this is still during the life of the Initial Secretary, it will be included in this collection of documents only in an unsigned form.

Very Truly Yours,
The General Secretary of the MSRPC.

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